The Next Generation

Consumer Packaged Experiences

Transforming the direct-to-consumer retail landscape with high-quality CPGs - with a focus on cosmetics, beauty, personal care items & household goods.

Evorus Group makes sustainable, in-demand consumer products that will drive engagement to your retail store, helping your growth.

Transforming consumer packaged goods into experiential customer engagements

High quality production standards and strict quality control

Sustainable manufacturing processes

Artisan crafted and expertly marketed

High margins for your retail environment

Trend-setting, high-growth products

Sourcing Quality Ingredients

We handpick quality source ingredients that are locally grown, sustainably harvested, and rigorously quality checked.

Pioneering Research & Development

We are constantly spearheading new, unique ways to process ingredients that aren't bound by traditional industry paradigms.

Unrivaled Retail

We distribute our products through proprietary web properties that are dedicated to unmatched customer service and knowledgeable support.

In-demand products

Increase your orders with products that consumers are demanding.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduced plastic packaging and recyclable materials make our products an environmentally-conscious choice.

Handmade in the USA

Hand-crafted in Flagler Beach, Florida under strict quality controls and attention to detail.

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